Non-academic Careers in Physical Anthropology

Non-academic Careers in Physical Anthropology. Day/Time: Thurs, March 28, 10:00AM-12:00PM; Description: A workshop geared towards exploring professions in physical anthropology that are outside of academia with the goal of greater visibility for early career anthropologists, as well as build a community for seasoned non-academic physical anthropologists. Organizers: Andrew R. Halloran (; Christina Cloutier Barbour, Lion Country Safari, ( 

Description: There are many career paths within Physical Anthropology that lie outside, or partially outside, of academia. However, these careers are frequently under-represented at annual meetings due to the academic nature of these conferences. Still, greater representation of non-academic careers within physical anthropology helps to diversify the field and helps to build these professions by attracting talented early career professionals that frequent annual meetings.

Participants will break into small work-groups that will include students and early career professionals paired with individuals who have established anthropology careers outside of academia. These careers may include non-profit organizations, zoological parks, museums, primate sanctuaries, foundations, conservation initiatives, and other professions that may not be tied to a traditional academic structure. Topics will include: recruiting talented physical anthropologists into non-academic careers, obtaining greater representation at conferences, integrating academic and non-academic professions in physical anthropology, and career paths for early career physical anthropologists.

Audience: Non-academic physical anthropologists as well as early career physical anthropologists and students.