Celebrate Anthropology Day!

The American Anthropological Association invites you to celebrate Anthropology Day on Thursday, February 16, 2017! We hope that you will join us for a celebration of the field and help us to share the work of anthropologists with your communities.

Anthropology Day began in 2015 as a way to encourage anthropologists to share and celebrate the discipline with the world around them. Since then, thousands of students, professors, and practitioners have come together on the third Thursday of each February to help anthropologists around the world expand public knowledge of the field. Anthropology Day allows participating groups to celebrate the day in the way they choose. Participants have planned a wide array of events in their communities ranging from department open houses or happy hours to charity food drives to K-12 outreach events. Learn more about Anthropology Day and access our planning resources on the AAA website.

For more information about participating, or to register your group, email Anne Kelsey (akelsey@americananthro.org).