MSc in Forensic Osteology and Field Recovery Methods at University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

University of Kent, School of Anthropology and Conservation is accepting applicants for an MSc in Forensic Osteology and Field Recovery Methods to start in September 2022. You will learn the practical skills needed to recover human remains in the field. Gain the theoretical knowledge needed to reconstruct biological profiles from hard tissue, supported by extensive laboratory based training. This program is run by a team of internationally respected academics with extensive professional experience in excavation, osteology, taphonomy and histology. You will have the opportunity to access one of the largest collections of human skeletal remains in the UK, with extensive skeletal pathology and accompanying radiographs. The collection is curated in the School's Human Osteology Research Laboratory. You will learn how to excavate and recover information on-site, outside the dedicated Forensic Crime Scene House. You will have workshops with CSI officers at Kent Police College. You will attend excavation seminars with Canterbury Archaeology Trust. The programme is suited for students from a wide range of BA and BSc backgrounds. This MSc will provide a firm foundation for careers in forensic sciences, as well as PhD research in anthropology and archaeology. For more information about this MSc programme please contact the programme director Dr Chris Deter: [email protected] or go to

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