Yearbook of Biological Anthropology

The Yearbook of Biological Anthropology is an open-access annual publication. It provides broad but thorough coverage of developments within the field of biological anthropology through summarizing and synthesizing the state of the art in a particular subfield, presenting new paradigms for addressing important issues of general interest, detailing new technologies that are vital to advancing the discipline, or providing historical perspectives on the field. More information about the Yearbook and how to submit a manuscript can be found here.

Editors-in-Chief of the

Sheela Athreya & Graciela Cabana (2024-2028)

Lyle W. Konigsberg (2019-2023)

Trudy Turner (2013-2018)

Robert W. Sussman (2008-2012)

Sara Stinson (2003-2007)

Christopher Ruff (1998-2002)

A.T. Steegman (1993-1997)

Emőke J.E. Szathmáry (1987-1992)

Robert M. Malina (1982-1986)


Lyle W Konigsberg

Lyle W. Konigsberg

Editor-in-Chief (through the 2023 Yearbook)

Sheela Athreya - 2020

Sheela Athreya

Co-Editor-in-Chief (starting with the 2024 Yearbook)

Graciela Cabana

Graciela S. Cabana

Co-Editor-in-Chief (starting with the 2024 Yearbook)

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