Student Liaison to the Executive Committee

To promote the participation of its student members in the association, the Executive Committee has established an opportunity for a senior graduate student liaison to the Executive Committee. The position is for a one-year appointment, including attendance at two Executive Committee meetings, which provides a transition between the past and newly appointed student liaisons. The Committee hopes that increasing student participation will encourage a desire to serve the association in future years.

Eligibility and Term: The successful candidate must be a graduate student and a registered student member (in good standing) of the AABA at the time of application and for the duration of their appointment. The position is for a single year and runs from the start of one annual meeting to the start of the next. To check your membership status, logon to your X-CD Member Profile.

Role: The role of the student liaison will be to: 1) share with the Executive Committee their ideas for increasing student participation in the AABA and encouraging attendance at the business meeting; 2) Co-Chair the ad hoc student committee; 3) bring to the AABA Executive Committee issues of interest and concern to the student members; and, 4) assist the Chair of the Career Development Committee and the Auction Committee in their planning and implementation. The successful candidate will attend portions of the Executive Committee meeting in the year elected and will give the Executive Committee a brief report at the Executive Committee meeting and at the Business Meeting at the end of their term.

Support: The successful candidate will receive a complementary hotel room on the Tuesday night of the AABA meetings to allow their attendance at the Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday. They will also receive $500 toward travel costs each year.

Application Process: Please provide the following:

Applications must be received no later than October 15, 2024. E-mail your Cover letter, CV and essay as a SINGLE pdf to: Dr. Anne Stone. Your advisor’s letter should be e-mailed directly to Dr. Stone as well.

Evaluation and Decisions: Applications will be reviewed and ranked by a subcommittee of the AABA Executive Committee members chaired by Dr. Anne Stone and including the current student liaison, providing no conflict of interest exists. Decisions of the committee will be confirmed by the AABA Executive Committee. Recipients will be notified by TBD. The successful applicant will be recognized at the AABA Business Meeting.