Executive Committee Positions: The Executive Committee manages the affairs of the association. The committee meets in person once a year, immediately before the Annual Meeting, and virtually as required throughout the year. Each committee member is tasked with a specific responsibility (listed below for the current Executive Committee). More information about the role of the Executive Committee and of the Membership and Credentials Committee can be found in the Association's Constitution and Bylaws.

  • President (2 year term; includes an additional year as President-elect and an additional year as Past-President for a total of 4 years). The President shall chair the annual business meeting and the Executive Committee. He or she shall have powers and authorities usually vested in the President of a learned society and shall perform such other duties as the Executive Committee or membership may direct.
  • Vice President (2 year term). The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties, and shall also be responsible for planning the program of the annual meeting.
  • Secretary (2 year term). The Secretary shall ensure that minutes are taken during the annual business meeting and any Executive Committee meetings, and that these are published or otherwise made available to the Association. A copy of the current Constitution and By-Laws, and a separate list of all votes, successful motions and resolutions shall be kept by the Secretary’s office. The Secretary will also oversee the maintenance of the Association’s membership list.
  • Executive Committee Members (3 year terms). Two Executive Committee Members are needed for (1) History & Honors and (2) Student Programs.

Eligibility: Nominees must be AABA Regular Members in good standing. The Treasurer should ideally have prior experience in serving on the AABA Executive Committee. Any AABA member (student, regular, or special) may submit a nomination. Self nominations are encouraged. To check a nominee's membership status, login here  and navigate to the "Member Directory."

Nomination Slate:
 From the proposed eligible nominees, the AABA Nominations Committee, chaired by Dr. Steve Leigh will seek input from the Executive Committee regarding the slate of nominees and recommend to the Executive Committee two candidates per position and alternates for the official ballot. The AABA Nominations Committee Chair will contact potential candidates in advance of the ballot to obtain their willingness to run.  

 A link to the online ballot will be emailed to Regular Members in January. The poll closes in late February.

To Submit a Nomination:

  • All nominations must be received on or before October 15, 2023.
  • Please note that nominations require a brief statement explaining how/why the nominee is well-suited to take on this leadership role. Nominations that do not include this statement will not be considered.
  • Submit a nomination when you submit your abstract online
  • Submit a nomination through the 2023 nomination form
  • Or, e-mail nominations to: Dr. Steve Leigh ([email protected])  
  • Nominators will be asked by Dr. Leigh to complete and submit the Nominator's Disclosure Form and those who self-nominate will be asked to complete and submit the Professional Conduct Disclosure Form.

Current AABA Executive Committee (ExComm) members

Committee duties, if any, are in parentheses following the job title. 

Leslea Hlusko: President

Steve Leigh: Past-President, Acting President

Kristi Lewton: Vice President

Jonathan Bethard: Treasurer

Amy Rector: Secretary

Trudy Turner: Editor, American Journal of Biological Anthropology

Graciela Cabana and Sheela Athreya: Co-Editors, Yearbook of Biological Anthropology

Stephanie Meredith: ExComm Member (Membership)

Chelsey Juarez: ExComm Member (Student Programs)

Julienne Rutherford: ExComm Member (History & Honors)

Lauren Schroeder: ExComm Member (Professional Development)

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