AABA's webinar programming serves a range functions, as a way to communicate about Association business and planning, to promote discourse on important issues that shape our community's best-practices, to provide a source of professional support, and to provide over-views of exciting topics within the science of biological anthropology.

Most recently, we have hosted two series, highlight below. Be sure to check out our other webinar content on the Past Webinars page.

Or, better yet, go peruse the offerings that extend beyond these webinars on our YouTube channel!

The 4-Part #Hackademics Series (Hacks for Succeeding in Academia)

Does the academic career path seem like a mystery? An unsolvable puzzle? Maybe you could use some insider insight as to how to make it all work? AABA has the webinar series for you: #Hackademics

Building off of the series recently published in the American Journal of Human Biology by our sister organization the Human Biology Association, we bring you a series of discussions by those same authors. For details about these four conversations, be sure to check out the #Hackademics webpage.

#Hackademics 1: Balancing Family, Drama, Fieldwork, AND Teaching?

#Hackademics 2: On Mentoring and Un-Teaching in Anthropology

#Hackademics 3: The Cultureshocks of Coming Home and Communicating across Disciplines

#Hackademics 4: Sharing with the Public & Getting the Academy to Count It (video link coming soon)

The Dialogues in Decoloniz(s)ation Series

What does decolonization entail? What strategies might be employed to achieve a decolonized biological anthropology?

These webinars provide a space where participants can explore the impact that colonial practices have had on biological anthropology, including on our curricula, our practices, and our narratives. To facilitate grounding general topics (e.g. decolonizing curricula, fieldwork, authorship) within regional issues and concerns (e.g. decolonizing African palaeosciences), and with an eye towards incorporating diverse views and perspectives, these webinars will feature experts from around the world actively engaging in these issues in their home countries.

Co-sponsored by AABA COD-International and COD-TASK

Part I: Africa, held on July 13, 2021

Part II: South, Southeast, and Australia held on October 6, 2021

Part III: The Americas Coming Soon!

For a list of past webinars and links to the videos, visit our past webinars through this link.

You can find our Covid-19 pandemic professional support webinars from the summer of 2020 through this link.

If you have questions, comments, or a suggestion for a future webinar topic, please get in touch with AABA Vice President and Program Chair Leslea Hlusko at [email protected].

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