Student Liaison to the Executive Committee

Each year, the AABA’s Executive Committee members select an advanced graduate student to serve as a liaison between student members and the committee. Graduate students interested in becoming more involved in the organization are strongly encouraged to apply! Click here for information on how to apply for this position.

Current and Past Liaisons:

2024-2025 Luke Fannin, Dartmouth College

2023-2024 Elise Adams, Mississippi State University

2022-2023 Dori Kenessey, University of Nevada, Reno

2021-2022 Sharon Toth, University of Pittsburgh

2020-2021 Alyson Caine, University of California, Merced

2019-2020 Donovan Adams, University of Nevada, Reno

2018-2019 Natalie Laudicina, Boston University

2017-2018 Elle Fricano, Johns Hopkins University

2016-2017 Kathryn Grow Allen, University at Buffalo

2015-2016 Melanie Beasley, University of California San Diego

2014-2015 Chris Stantis, University of Otago

2013-2014 Jill Scott, University of Iowa