2023 Guides for Presenters: online and in-person

As you prepare your presentation, you may find it helpful to read through AABA’s Social Media Policy.

These guides are useful for both Reno and online presentations:

If you are presenting in the Online program:

For the online program, PLEASE NOTE that all contributed sessions are a mix of podium (video) and poster presentations. For the in-person portion of the 2023 program, we first sort presentations based on format and then categorize by research topic. With the virtual conference format and uploaded presentations, the format becomes irrelevant. For the online portion of the 2023 conference, we created sessions solely based on the scientific topic. We hope this makes them more focused and productive for you.

Through the X-CD platform, all contributed talks and posters will be available on-demand for the duration of the conference for registered attendees. Presenters need to upload the files associated with their presentation in advance of the conference. You will receive an automated email from X-CD inviting you to upload your presentation. We anticipate that this will occur in late February.

All online scientific sessions will be discussion-based live events building on the asynchronous content already uploaded. These will be webinar-like events, where only the presenters have their videos enabled and the audience will ask questions through the chat function. Session chairs are responsible for deciding the structure that their session will follow. We will encourage session chairs to reach out to their participants well in advance of the session so that you know what to expect.

If you choose a “podium” presentation in the online program, this means that you will create a pre-recorded talk that is 6 to 14 minutes in length. Presenters can compose their talks using presentation software (e.g., Powerpoint). Your video will be automatically transcribed when you upload it; you will have the ability to edit the transcription after upload.

If you choose a “poster” presentation in the online program, you may want to provide two files: 1) the PDF of the poster, and 2) a short (3 min) video or audio walkthrough, similar to a ‘pitch’ that one would give at an in-person poster session. The audio file is not required but highly recommended.

Supplementary files can also be uploaded to the X-CD site. Presenters may also include additional files that they would like to share (e.g., data files, supplementary scientific video, PDFs of journal papers).

Quick Links:

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