The 49th Annual North American Meeting of the PPA will take place in person in Denver, Colorado, (Sheraton Downtown Denver) from March 21-23, 2022. However, we appreciate travel will not be possible for everyone and we have therefore decided on a fully hybrid format with a timetable (that fits the traditional 2 day conference) that works across multiple time zones for much of the meeting, with recordings to allow for missed items. This year, we will have three symposia: 1. 'It’s complicated – the liaison of age and disease in paleopathology', Katharina Fuchs, Germany: virtual, 2. 'Databases in Bioarchaeology: Sharing experiences about data sharing', Ricardo Guichon - Argentina, Sheila Mendonca de Souza -Brazil: virtual, and 3. 'Parasites and Paleopathology: a perspective from North America', Karl J. Reinhard - USA and Aida R. - Canada: in person. The provisional program will soon be posted on the PPA website. Please note that late registration fees apply after 12am March 1, 2022.


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