AAPA Goes Virtual!

Drawing of a video conference with a fossil hominid skull named Lucy, a chimpanzee named Pan, a double helix named Helix, and a lemur named Catta

From April 7-28, 2021 we held our first ever virtual conference!

The live portion of the meeting is over, but presentations and videos of the sessions are available on the Pathable website through May 31, 2021. For more info, visit the 90th annual meeting webpage or click below for shortcuts to important information:

Our LIVE Annual Business Meeting was held on Wednesday April 14, 2021

Click here to review the Annual Reports & In Memorium

Click here to view the Annual Business Meeting Agenda

You can check out the format and Pathable virtual platform here

Share your experience on Twitter with the #AAPA2021 hashtag!

Meeting Highlights:

  • Live events ran from April 7-28, 2021
  • All presentations and videos of the scientific sessions and workshops are available on the Pathable platform through May 31, 2021.
  • All scientific presentations were pre-recorded and available to view starting April 5, 2021. Sessioneres w a mix of poster and podium/video presentations clustered by research topic.
  • Each scientific session included a live webinar with all presenters.
  • Social events where you can casually connect with colleagues and friends were scheduled throughout the meeting.
  • We gathered for receptions and award ceremonies to celebrate the great work of our members.
  • The Annual Business Meeting will brought us together to note the year's accomplishments, plan for the future, and vote on the proposed name change! (Spoiler alert: It passed!)

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