Given the cancellation of the in-person association meeting, we are providing the membership with written reports of the 2020-2021 activities of AAPA Officers, Committees, and AAPA affiliates. The Editors-in-Chief of the AJPA and the Yearbook also provide reports.

We will also provide a report of members and friends of the AAPA who have passed away since our 2020 meeting.

These will be compiled as supplementary material to a letter from the AAPA President in the AJPA.

Officer Reports

Editor Reports

Standing & Ad Hoc Committees, & Affiliates Reports (in alpha order)

  • AAAS                                                 Karen Strier
  • Auction                                             Shara Bailey & Madelynne Dudas
  • Ethics                                                Robert Anemone
  • Data Access                                     Trudy Turner & Connie Mulligan
  • Professional Development            Shara Bailey
  • Communication & Media              Sheela Athreya
  • Diversity                                           Susan Antón
  • Education                                        Briana Pobiner
  • Harassment Committee for
    Awareness Response and Equity Andrea Taylor
  • History & Honors                           Robin Nelson
  • Membership                                   Kristi Lewton
  • National Science Foundation      Rebecca Ferrell
  • Nominations & Elections             Steve Leigh 
  • Community Partnership               Ben Auerbach
  • Science Policy                                 Karen Strier & Dennis O'Rourke
  • Student                                            Alyson Caine, Donovan Adams
  • Student Programs                         Christina Torres-Rouff

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